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Spring 2017 Rural Health

Five Questions for Patrick Lee on bringing more respect to health care

BackStory: A nineteenth-century country doctor’s practice was one of making do

Winter 2017 Connections

Five Questions for Cheri Blauwet on inclusion

BackStory: A scientific collaboration in Africa more than a half century ago expanded our knowledge of cardiovascular disease

Pattern Recognition: Older patients fare better with female physicians

Autumn 2016 Ethics

Five Questions: Johnny Kung on promoting genetics literacy to the public

Taking a History: Profile of Yeou-Cheng Ma

BackStory: An apparatus that separated plasma from whole blood helped in the effort to establish a national blood donation program

Spring 2016 Surgery

Five Questions: Pedro del Nido on honing one’s surgical skills

BackStory: A physician develops novel surgical scissors—and a bone sarcoma registry

Winter 2016 The Art of Medicine

Taking a History: Profile of Michelle Rivera

BackStory: Easier ways to test for color blindness led to calls for assessing workers for the condition

Autumn 2015 Voices

How Are You? Over the fence or in the clinic, conversation requires perceiving the subtleties of voice and body

BackStory: A physician, a singer, and a physiologist each put a stamp on the field of laryngology

Spring 2015 Adventure

Listen Up: The brains of preterm newborns can reshape in response to the familiar—their mother’s voice

Five Questions: Judith Palfrey on being an advocate for children

BackStory: Explorer-scientists from HMS have traveled the world investigating infectious diseases

Winter 2015 Architecture

Five Questions: Nancy Tarbell on mentoring and the joy of clinical care

BackStory: The century-old mission of the buildings that circle the Quad

Autumn 2014 Body Language

BackStory: The beauty and the bane of attempts to market food and drugs

Winter/Spring 2014 Play

Competitive Edge

BackStory: Paul Dudley White on exercise; games for, and about, doctors

Autumn 2013 Handed Down

A Way With Words

BackStory: Ideals and Families That Built a School

Summer 2013 How Bugs Are Built

Cottage Industry

BackStory: Lice lessons on disease and evolution

Winter 2013 A National Portrait

BackStory: Improvements in safety and comfort for women giving birth

Autumn 2012 Wounded, Deeply

Giving Voice: Class Day speakers highlight the virtue of humility

BackStory: Conflict and violence lead to medical innovation

Spring 2012 The Space Issue

Five Questions: Jack Szostak on the origins of life

BackStory: Travels and tools of nineteenth-century physicians

Watercolor studies of tumor patients

Winter 2012 The Food Issue: Diet and Health

Stuck on You

Preserving the Sounds of Music and Words

Five Questions: Tina Young Poussaint on challenges and change

BackStory: Historical objects for feeding the sick

Summer 2011

Cowboys, Pit Crews, and a Bit of Dr. Seuss: Class Day inspires optimism for the future of medicine

Minding the Gap: New programs target underserved populations worldwide

Taking a History: Profile of Suzie Brown

Harvard Medicine News

From Farm to (Operating) Table

Blood Work

A Privilege to Serve

The Politics of the Plate

Losing Sleep: Damages to long-term health detailed at HSPH Forum

Empowering Communities to Improve Health: How a hairstyle could bring fitness into fashion




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