It’s Not That Hard: Rice

The July 22, 2014, New York Times Dining & Wine section rained down a lot of worry about the way to cook rice. I am a fan of Kim Severson, but this struck me as way much ado about not much: Fluffy. Tasty. Tricky. Learning to Cook a Good Pot of Rice. The money quote for me: “Sweetie, buy a rice cooker.”

Trusty rice cooker, circa 1989. Still going strong!
Trusty rice cooker, circa 1989. Still going strong!

Great advice. The rice cooker we received as a wedding gift 25 years ago is a one-trick kitchen pony well worth having. I had no idea what it was in 1989, but would not be without one now. It makes excellent rice (with the crunchy bits at the bottom) from all kinds of rice, and I use it for oatmeal, too.

It’s not that hard.

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